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Time to See
Alternative rock band NEEDSHES is founded by singer-songwriter & producer Otabek Salamov in Tashkent.
He devoted himself to music from early childhood, as soon as he was able to reach the home piano.
The project appeared in 2011 when Beck started composing melodic songs after being tired of several years of teen-age passion with metalcore.
He assembled a full rock band by 2013 and issued first album Feel Alright in 2014, two singles in 2015, EP Mixed Feelings with lead song Time to See on Dec 9, 2016, and new single AUW on Mar 22, 2018.

Music is grouped with indie rock, alternative, britpop and less with blues, soul, funk, punk, reggae. Beck was influenced by all world rock music, but especially U2, David Bowie, A-Ha, Coldplay, The Killers, Muse, Jack White, RHCP, Nirvana.
Line-up: Beck (vocals), Ivan Petukhov (guitar), Alexey Manakhov (drums).
In 2017 the song Time to See won Unsigned Only Contest, TN, in Rock genre and became the finalist of John Lennon Songwriting Contest, NY. The song I Believe is in soundtrack to international cartoon Quackerz (2016).

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