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NEEDSHES, an independent alternative rock band from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, founded by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Otabek Salamov (Beck), is a balancing act between the moody atmosphere of The NBHD, with dainty anthems reminiscent of The Killers, a bit of the oddball nature of Jack White and the heartbreaking ballad skillset of Coldplay. With a musically diverse experience in mind, Beck conceptualized the ideology of NEEDSHES in 2011. Stemming from his childhood, he encapsulates his art for composing bluesy story-telling songs with love ballads infused with swagger punk rock and suffocating alt-rock/hip-hop tints. Finalizing the sound Beck was looking for, in 2016 after several line-up changes, he enlisted in Ivan Petukhov (guitar) and Alexey Manakhov (drums) to round out the sound. Together they offer a signature alternative rock foundation with elements of blues, funk, soul, punk and R&B. They stand out with their smooth and powerful vocal arrangements, catchy melodies, often cinematic vibes and uncommonly diverse genre approach.
From childhood, Beck devoted his time and energy in to music. Coming from a musical family, it was no doubt that he would become attracted to playing and performing. At the age of four, he began playing the piano and by ten he was composing melodies for piano. He attended a music academy where he would begin entering and winning national competitions and was awarded the first price for his precision on clarinet at the age of fourteen. As a teen, his musical interests varied and he was drawn to compose, record, and perform metalcore styled music. After several tries within the genre, he decided to dilute the metal sound with several melodic undertones in his music. In the process of creating this transition, he realized that the switch was something that gravitated to his liking. In 2011, he decided to create a melodic indie rock project, plus alluding to the formation of NEEDSHES. At that time, Beck was working as an assistant audio engineer in local studios, so it was no surprise that he quickly adapted to recording and producing his own music. He took the years to perfect his production skills and songwriting while performing as much as he could.
Fast forward to the pinnacle of NEEDSHES, in 2013, when Beck moved to Moscow to form the missing pieces of the band. He gathered a full traditional rock formation around his project with the intent to create true authentic music. His biggest influences stemmed from The Killers, David Bowie, James Brown, Queen, Jack White, Coldplay, U2, a-ha, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nirvana, to name a few. He continued his practice as a studio engineer, which later inspired him to create his own home studio to flush out the music he was so passionate about.
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Charted top 10 Alt rock releases on iTunes, Hot tracks on
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Heavy rotation on idobi Radio, MAXIMUM. BBC 6 Radio Music

Song Time to See:
* The 17th Annual Independent Music Awards Nominee '19
* Unsigned Only winner in Rock '17
* USA Songwriting Competition finalist '18
* International Songwriting Competition finalist '17
* John Lennon Songwriting Contest finalist '17
* The UK Songwriting Contest semi-finalist '18

Song Anything You Want:
* Unsigned Only finalist in AAA '18
* The UK Songwriting Contest semi-finalist '18
* International Songwriting Competition finalist '18
* Verizon in-store music playlist

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Spotify features by Indiemono, AlexrainbirdMusic, HypeMachine, PopFiltr, Soave, Jonathan Good, Daily Playlists, HITSDailyDouble, Tommy Hilfiger

Bosco Fresh Fest with John Newman

World Festival of Youth and Students

FIFA Fan Fest

Festivals by Metro International newspaper

Events by INFINITI and other brands

Solo gigs with 400+ ticket sales at local concert venues such as 16 Tons, MOD Club Spb, Hard Rock Cafe

Lay's commercial'19 | Anything You Want

Break '19 - film distribution abroad | Time to See

Renault Duster, car commercial
'18 | Time to See (extended version)

Renault Kaptur, сar commercial '18 | Anything You Want (female vocal version)

Quackerz 16' - worldwide film distribution | I Believe

Univer '18 - domestic TV series | Something, Hey Girl

Composing for music award ceremonies, TV shows,
scoring full-length movies
"Pain" takes you on a journey through emotional turmoil, using intense synths to make sure all you can think about is the beat and the story it creates." idobi Radio

"The pop-blues feels of "U Babe" are an entire mood with a hip-hop groove." idobi Radio

"The first verse of Time to See is a killer and the song is great. Actually, I was listening to it during past week". Producer Rick Beato

"Hidden with glorious metaphors that will pick at your brain, the easy to follow lyrics are made bold with the colourful instrumentation. " U Babe review, Born Music Online

"U Babe" lacks nothing, everything is in its place to plunge us into a pleasant and successful musical retreat." IGGY Magazine, France

"U Babe" is a real masterpiece. The vocal performance sounds fantastic, you will love the mellow and tender vocals for sure!" Lefuturewave

"NEEDSHES strives for greatness and gives a record that breaks barriers while also having something for all music fans to enjoy." U Babe review, Global Media Blog

"They combine flute with all those classic rock elements, plus super catchy & smooth vocals. And then the flow & cuts just leaves your jaw dropped!" U Babe review, Stereofox, Germany

"Beck's soft passionate voice... If you are a fan of melodramatic guitar music, resistance to him is useless." Editor in Chief, Rolling Stone, Russia.
Anything You Want
Single 2018

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Mixed Feelings
Album 2016, 7 songs

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Feel Alright
Album 2014, 13 songs

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U Babe
Single March 8, 2019

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Single March 29, 2019

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Sometimes I Can Fly
Single April 19, 2019

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